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Obiora Ike / Justus Mbae / Chidiebere Onyia: Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education, Vol. 1 cover

Editors: Obiora Ike / Justus Mbae / Chidiebere Onyia

ISBN: 978-2-88931-300-6
Series number: Education Ethics No. 4
Publication: 2019

The 30 chapters of this book form a panorama across various disciplines on five key themes integrating education or research ethics as research ethics and 1) administration, 2) business/finance, 3) education, 4) environment, 5) justice and law. The goals of this book is to gather contributions in various disciplines on contemporary ethics in education and research in the global context and to show by conceptual argumentation how some normative ethical views have a global value and manage to overcome local controversy and disagreement and have an essential relevance for the ethics of research or education.



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