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Corruption and transparency collection
The corruption and transparency collection aims at providing documentation and basic thematic reflections around the term "corruption". Corruption denotes "dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery" (Oxford Dict.). Avoiding conditions that favour a lack of transparency is complex because at all levels there might be a dominating group or a dominated individual, and because everyone should be concerned by corruption, without excessive moralisation of others.
The collection presents first the philosophical, socio-economic and political background to the subject. Second it gathers institutional documents and shows transparency in the global context and in relation to sustainable development. In a third set of perspectives are shown educational means to prevent corruption and promote transparency (such as curricula or education in management and public administration). Other dimensions pertain to political means to prevent corruption, where transparency is considered as part of the democratic process, leadership and management related means to promote transparency and prevent corruption, and finally administrative and criminal law, retributive and preventive means.