Globethics Statements

S001/2023 | 10 February 2023

It has been brought to the attention of Globethics that one of our employees, Lidia Sloutskovski, has been intimated in an online campaign targeted at her father, due to his involvement in Russian politics. In relation to mentions made in the campaign, Globethics affirms that our organisation has never had dealings with the Vremya Foundation.

Ms Sloutskovski has been resident in Switzerland for more than a decade and has worked with Globethics since February 2021. She serves as the Globethics Academic Office Manager with commitment to and respect for the Globethics Code of Ethics and values.

At Globethics we stand against war, and recognise and respect freedom of speech as well as the dignity, integrity, individuality, and fair treatment of each person independent of others, including of their family members. Globethics, with all of the Globethics community and team members, is firmly committed to its vision of ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.