Vision, Mission and Values



of Teachers and Institutions with the following


"Ethics in Higher Education"


We apply Ethics in Higher Education through:

E Empowerment developing talents
T Transformation placing common good before self-interest
H Holistic approach understanding of in-depth correlations
I Integrity making values-based decisions and behaviours
C Competence focusing on innovative and collective proficiency
S Sustainability standing up for one world
  • We empower teachers
in higher education through teacher training, research, course development and collaborative projects
  • We support institutions
in their efforts to introduce ethical behaviour in higher education institutions and support the integration of relevant and contextual standards and structures
  • We provide professions

with educational materials adapted to their profession to grow a deeper understanding of ethics in their context (for them to use to practice ethics)

  • We encourage students
to behave ethically, showing them best practices of individuals, companies and organizations that have become successful by following ethical standards and principles
We contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Responsibility: responsible decisions and actions in private, professional and public life
  • Quality first: our priority is to serve our target groups with excellence in all of our activities
  • Teamwork: we combine talents and resources for best solutions and operational excellency
  • Respect: we respect the dignity of every person
  • Trust: is the basis for cooperation with our partners
  • Contextualisation: we translate vision, mission and values into the cultural context
  • Inclusion/Fairness: we work to overcome exclusion and to recognise equality, justice and fairness for all.
The Foundation has its legal domicile in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2004, has built up resources and partnerships and repositioned itself with this Vision, Mission and Values approved by the Board of Foundation on 4 July 2018.