Workgroup Information Iran Workgroup


Prof. Dr. Kiarash Aramesh, Assistant Professor and Vice-President for Research

Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Research Center, University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Bioethics is a young discipline in Iran, but, given the unique cultural specifics of this country, inherited from one of the oldest civilizations in the world (Persia) and a major branch of Islamic thought (Shiite), Iran has to build and discover its own Bioethical norms, values and guidelines. The results of these efforts, on the other hand, should be compatible with world-wide accepted values, partly mentioned in the International Declarations. In this workgroup, we are going to invite all Iranian and other experts, students and stakeholders to join us and collaborate to reach to our goals (see below).


Providing a free atmosphere for members to discuss the bioethical issues in Iran.
Providing a virtual network for experts and students to collaborate and meet.
Dealing with bioethical issues and concerns and participation in the related debates in Iran.

Taking part in efforts aiming to compile and provide an Iranian Bioethics.

Working Methods and language(s)

Email groups, Forum discussion, Meetings, Document exchange.

Languages: Persian, Arabic, French and English

Expected outcome and impact

A collection of documents, An active network, New bioethical events

Participants and access policy

All the students, experts, academic members, religious scholars, and other stakeholders interested in the field. Workgroup is open to all persons registered in

Time frame

To be set by the group after the first meeting/correspondence.