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African Journal of Teacher Education (AJOTE) is a forum for examining, discussing, and publicising local, national, regional and trans/continental policies, practices, experiments and research on the training, preparation, hiring, and retention of teachers for all levels and tiers of Africa's education sector.
AJOTE welcomes interdisciplinary and comparative exploration of all topics in the field of teacher education. Interim, tentative, and complete project reports and commentaries are welcome. In addition to feature articles, experiment and research digest ideas, and reviews, AJOTE accepts audio, video and film contributions.
The journal will publish articles on broad topics relating to the theme of teacher education, but occasionally, the journal's regular or guest editors might focus particular issues of the journal on specific themes.
AJOTE is moving onto a rolling publishing schedule. Hence, it will publish individual articles as they become ready for publication rather than wait until there are enough articles for a full issue.


ISSN: 1916-7822


The library contains articles of African Journal of Teacher Education as of vol. 3(2013) to current.


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