Anthology of Asian Christianity

Workgroup Information


Rev. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dietrich Werner


It is the aim of this project to collaborate on research for a solid and current self-description of all major Asian Church families and traditions in order to present a  coherent picture contributing to emerging Asian Christianity. The Anthology would  be made available  to Asian theological institutions and churches (primarily member churches of the Christian  Conference of Asia (CCA) ,  the Federation of  Asian Catholic Bishops Conferences ( FABC and the Asian Evangelical Alliance ( AEA), networks of scholarly researchers  in theological institutions. Asian Christianity has come of age and needs to have an authentic self-representation and a broadened base of knowledge to spread information about its own various facets, national traditions, rapid processes of change, its indigenous forms and its crucial contribution to social transformation and political development.


The idea is to produce this knowledge resource, based on a solid collection of surveyed articles and essays which will be brought together both in a solid publication (to be co-published possibly by Regnum Books International, Oxford as well as Christian World Imprints, New Delhi, India),  as well as possibly in a digital web-resource to be facilitated by (Asian Christianity collection).




Working processes would be carried out in a collaborative process between CCA, Bread for the World and major associations of theological schools in Asia. A core group of editors is in the process of being identified. In addition a group of advisors will be asked to provide additional input and advice on finding the most competent contributors to the volume. 

Persons considered for being asked to serve in an editorial group consist of
Dietrich Werner, Berlin; Mathews George Chunakara,CCA;  Atola Longkumer, OMSC; Jayasiri Peiris, Lanka Theological Seminary; Limuel Equina, ATESEA; Melissa Manhong Lin, CCC and NJUTS; Kuriakose Mor Theophilos Metropolitan, India;; Septemmi Lakawa, Jakarta Theological Seminary.
A central contact address for the project is:
A central contact address in CCA for the project is:

Time frame and implementation



The research and planning process has been planned for a period from 2017 to 2019 and will consist of three phases : Conceptualizing and Communication; Collection and Correction; Editing,  Production and publication. The plans are detailed in the following timeline
  1. Until end 2017: conceptualizing working plan and provisional table of content; identifying authors;
  2. By May 2018: developing terms of reference for articles and general guidelines; style sheet for authors; standard letters to work with (authors request and commitment form etc.)
  3. Mid-2018: starting correspondences and authors request letters in an agreed and centrally coordinated process; 
  4. Mid 2018 to end 2018: collecting research papers and contributions on  the list of topics as planned and finalised earlier
  5. Spring 2019 to summer 2019: Editorial work on manuscripts 
  6. Autumn 2019: production period for the Anthology.