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A quarterly journal providing deeper and nuanced analysis of the issues and developments in the arena of dialogue, civilizations, and a rapprochement between Islam and the West. Arches Quarterly is a journal of The Cordoba Foundation. The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) is an independent Public Relations, Research and Training unit, which promotes dialogue and the culture of peaceful and positive coexistence among civilisations, ideas and people. We do this by working with decision-making circles, researchers, religious leaders, the media, and a host of other stakeholders of society for better understanding and clearer comprehension of inter-communal and inter-religious issues in Britain and beyond.



ISSN: 1756-7335



The library contains all the articles of Arches Quarterly from Vol 1, issue 1, 2007 to Current , provided by The Cordoba Foundation.




All copyrights are held by Cordoba Foundation.


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Subjects GlobeEthicsLib

  • 全球伦理
  • 文化伦理
    • 文化/跨文化伦理
  • 宗教伦理
    • 比较宗教伦理
    • 宗教间对话与伦理
  • 社区伦理

Subjects GlobeTheoLib

  • 比较宗教和跨宗教对话
    • 基督教-穆斯林
  • 一般神学/其他