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The Bible and Critical Theory is an exploratory and innovative online scholarly journal for biblical studies. The journal explores the intersections between critical theory, understood in the broad sense, and biblical studies. It publishes peer-reviewed articles that investigate the contributions from critical theory to biblical studies, and contributions from biblical studies to critical theory. Several book reviews are also published in each issue.
Aims and scope: Biblical studies is in an interesting state of flux. The various methods of critical theory have been used by biblical critics for some time now. The methods include post-structuralism, feminism, psychoanalysis, ideological criticism, the social sciences, Marxism, ecocriticism, post-colonialism, reader response criticism, narratology, new historicism and utopian studies These methods have raised questions about the Bible concerning race and ethnicity, indigeneity, gender and sexual difference, class and ideology, hegemony and subversion, the nature of history, texts and readers, and so on.
Yet, much work remains to be done. Many parts of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and extra-canonical literature remain unexplored in light of the questions and methods of critical theory. Those parts of the Bible that have been the concern of biblical interpreters working with critical theory require further work. As far as critical theory is concerned, there has been minimal and sporadic concern with the Bible, although the situation is beginning to change.
For these reasons the journal will publish work not only by biblical critics, but also by critical theorists interested in the questions the Bible and biblical studies pose for critical theory.
As well as publishing five peer-reviewed articles per issue, the journal also publishes book reviews.
Publication dates: From 2006, the journal will be published in February, June and October of each year.
Publication dates for 2005 issues were April, August and December. The Bible and Critical Theory was launched in November 2004.
Publisher: Monash University ePress

ISSN: 1832-3391


The library contains articles of The Bible and Critical Theory from vol. 1(2004) to current.



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