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BD Chinese Ethics Collection

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This is an online collection of more than 1800 documents on ethics, written in or translated into Chinese, uploaded by in Hong Kong and Beijing, and collected by experts, including through the China regional programme at the Center for International Business Ethics in Beijing. Topics covered in the collection include bioethics, community ethics, cultural ethics, economic ethics, and environmental ethics, among other subjects.


            BD1 全球伦理

            BD2 伦理学方法
                    BD21 一般方法与历史方法
                    BD22 神学伦理
                    BD23 哲学伦理
                    BD24 科学伦理

             BD3 政治伦理
                    BD31 政治体制伦理
                    BD32 法律伦理/权利伦理
                    BD33 和平伦理
                    BD34 治理与伦理
                    BD35 发展伦理

               BD4 经济伦理
                      BD41 商业伦理
                      BD42 经济体制伦理
                      BD43 劳动伦理/职业道德
                      BD44 技术与伦理
                      BD45 贸易伦理
                      BD46 消费者伦理

                BD5 文化伦理
                      BD51 媒体/通讯伦理
                      BD52 文化/跨文化伦理
                      BD53 体育伦理
                      BD54 世俗化与伦理

                 BD6 宗教伦理

                 BD7 生物伦理

                 BD8 社区伦理

                 BD9 环境伦理


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