Cosmos and History : The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
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The Reality Self-Simulation Principle: Reality as a Self-Simulation
Can Intelligence Escape its Terrestrial Past?: Anticiaptions of Existential Catastrrophe & Existential Hope from Haldane to Ćirković
The Shadow of God in Jean-Paul Sartre’s Metaphysics
Strange Forms of Argumentation: On Meillassoux's Definition of Philosophy
Correcting the Record: Priority and the Einstein Papers on 'Brownian Motion'
Owen Barfield & the Evolution of Conscioiusness
From Being to Maybeing: On Meillassoux's Interpretation of Mallarmé
On Being, Nothingness and Ontological Homelessness: An Heideggerian Inquiry into Authenticity
Apperceptive Patterning: Artefaction, Extensional Beliefs and Cognitive Scaffolding
Synchrony, Science and the ‘Relativity of Facts’
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