Eco-Theology and Ethics of Sustainability

Workgroup Information

Eco-theological reflections have been on the agenda of the international ecumenical movement since a long time. In 2013 at its 10th General Assembly in Busan, the World Council of Churches (WCC) encouraged its member churches to support and engage in an ecumenical pilgrimage for justice and peace to strengthen links between churches and communities in various parts of the world working together for eco-justice. Theological reflection, networking and collaboration on key principles for ecological and economic justice as well as engagement with other faith actors have since then been prioritized. 
Partner churches and organizations of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), United Evangelical Mission (UEM), Bread for the World as well as the Protestant Association of Churches and Mission (EMW) and the WCC Working Group on Climate Justice  invite to this conference for exchange, mutual listening and deepened theological reflection on the divers contextual approaches to eco-theology and ecological ethics. In times when global solidarity between governments on issues of global climate justice is crumbling the imperative for Christian churches to stand together and to articulate a common and ecumenical basis for their ecological witness and environmental stewardship becomes even more urgent and pressing.
The conference will bring different contextual perspectives on eco-theological reflections and eco-ethics; learn from best practise models on how churches can become spaces for ecological learning, advocacy and value/attitudes change, and will prepare recommendations for a common platform for a theology of sustainability and eco-ethics, including spiritual approaches and resources. The conference project aims at a major impulse for the next assembly of WCC in Karlsruhe in 2021 and is intended to continue until end of 2021  or even beyond for further global networking on eco-theology and ethics of sustainability.
Moderators: Dr. Dietrich Werner, Bread for the World; Thomas Sander, Bread for the World