Globethics Consortium (GEC) Expert Committee WIP

Workgroup Information

Anhtho Andres-Kammler
Programme Executive Ethics Education

This workgroup aims to facilitate the exchange of documents between members of the Committee of Experts on the work to be done by the Pool of Experts.

Works on procedure of selection, recruitment and validation of Experts and Trainers for the T-o-T and Certification Programmes.

Working method
Using the tools provided by the platform to facilitate the exchange.
- storage and sharing of documents and media
- discussion threads on the forum
- wiki

Time frame
July - December 2017: discuss modalities and task distribution.
September 2017: First report of action plan to Steering Committee to be completed by November 2017.

Expected outcomes
1) Reports and Recommendations for each phase of deliverables
2) Catalogue of products and services