Gender and Theology
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Un’ evidenza negata?
Compromiso en la poesía española actual
Remembering the “oldest creed,” overcoming the age-old anomaly
Storying female academics’ career development in Indonesian Islamic higher education: a postcolonial feminist analysis
Impact of social capital (SC) on business performance (BP) of Muslim women entrepreneurs (MWEs) in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka (EPSL)
Father Ciferni Takes the Chair
Experiencias tempranas de violencia. Desarrollo moral y actitudes hacia la paz
Proyecto de investigación sobre el empoderamiento dirigido a mujeres mayores de 65 años
Kontradiktioner, kontekstualitet og konceptualitet: hvorfor er det, at Luther ikke er feminist?
An exploration of the relationship between spirituality, religion and mental health among youth who identify as LGBT+: A systematic literature review.
1 2 3 . . . 4135