GlobeTheoLib Consultation 2018

Workgroup Information

Lucy Howe López, Deputy Executive Director,
Mr Andreas Waldvogel, Programme Executive Online Library,
The objective of this workgroup is to discuss the concept paper "Integration of GlobeTheoLib (GTL) into the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education (hereafter referred to as the Consortium) drafted following the decisions taken at the GlobeTheoLib Consortium meeting from 13-14 April, 2018, in Geneva.
GTL consortium members
Partners of GTL
Consultants and/or experts in the field of Theological Education or Religious ethics
Actions required:
Participants need to provide feedback, comment on, or propose amendments  to the concept paper on the workgroup forum and to respond to some questions by filling in the online survey available here: (the site is password protected)
Phase 1: June 1-30,2018 Discussion of concept paper and completion of online survey
Phase 2: July-August,2018 Collecting and analysing feedback of participants-Finalising the concept
Phase 3: Sept 1-30, 2018 Sharing the final concept and recommendations
Those interested in becoming members of the Consortium will sign new agreements.
Those who do not wish to become Consortium members, would give notice and agree to terminate the current GTL agreement.
The transformation of GTL into the Consortium will be formally accomplished possibly by end of 2018. The decision of closing the existing GTL will be taken by the GE Board in its meeting end of October 2018 or April 2019.