Institute of Sino-Christian Studies
"Journal of Comparative Scripture"
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The Scope of Scripture in Scriptural Reasoning : Reflections on 2 Timothy 3:16
专题引介:梵二会议与比较经学 ["Introduction to the Theme: The Second Vatican Council and Comparative Scripture " ]
梵二会议的宗教神学: 一个基于罗马天主教传统的诠释 ["The Theology of Religions in Vatican II: An Interpretation Based on Catholic Tradition " ]
教派间的对话与合一:以孔格对于“传统”的思考为路径 ["Ecumenism Begin from Dialogue: A Study Based on Congar’s Thought about Tradition " ]
东西方宗教经典共话宇宙起源 [A Comparative Scripture Reading on “the Beginning” ]
从比较到协作:基于基督教与佛教对话的理论与实践——与詹姆士•弗雷德里克的访谈 ["From Comparison to Cooperation: An Interview with James Federicks about Interreligious Dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism " ]
蒂利希和梵二 [Paul Tillich and the Second Vatican Council]
梵二会议与天主教会内的《圣经》读解 ["The Second Vatican Council and the Interpretation of the Bible in Catholicism " ]
陈耀庭:《道教神学概论》 [CHEN Yaoting, An Introduction to the Taoist Theology ]
金胜惠:《葫芦与十字架:基督教与道教的对话》 ["Sung-hae KIM. The Gourd and the Cross: Daoism and Christianity in Dialogue " ]
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