Interreligious Dialogue
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Extremism and Moderation in the Belief of Allah
Teaching Māori histories: The New Zealand Tomorrow’s Schools reforms (1984-89) and the New Zealand history (curriculum) wars - 1984-2019
Religion and Sex as Factors of Individual Di erences of Reification in an Intercultural-Community-Based Society
L’enchâssement ou la quête de « Dieu » au-delà du langage
Notas sobre el principio de libertad religiosa en España. Especial consideración al principio de igualdad
Perennial Educational Tensions: Saint Gregory Palamas’s Approach to Byzantium’s Exothen and Kath’imas Educational Traditions & Its Consequences for Thinking with Byzantium in a Contemporary Contex...
An Investigation into the Importance of «Inculturation» in the Image of Our Lady in Relation to Visual Arts in Religious Education according to Monica Liu
The Problems of Religious Education of Syrian Asylum Seeker Students: A Qualitative Study on Religious Education Teachers
Okul Yöneticilerine Göre İmam-Hatip Liselerinde Karşılaşılan Sorunlar
The School Dropout in Higher Religious Education
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