Journal of Learning for Development
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Enhancing ICT Adoption and Use through Change Leadership: Technology Stewardship Training for Caribbean Agricultural Communities of Practice
Education for Development: from distance to open education
Learning for Development in the Context of South Africa: Considerations for Open Education Resources in Improving Higher Education Outcomes
Implementing a Blended/Online Learning Policy on a Face-to-Face Campus: Perspectives of Administrators and Implications for Change
Open and Distance eLearning in Asia: Country Initiatives and Institutional Cooperation for the Transformation of Higher Education in the Region
Challenges of Adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) in Kenyan Secondary Schools: The Case of Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT)
A Critical Review of eLearning Research Trends in Tanzania
Adoption and Impact of OER in the Global South: A Book Review
Open Education, Open Educational Practice and the concept of Openness: issues and challenges
Student perceptions of the creation and reuse of open educational resources: A case study of the development-oriented student organisation
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