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The Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education (JPBLHE) represents state of the art research in the theory and practice of PBL in higher education and actively seeks to promote transformative and progressive university pedagogy; it is published by Aalborg University, Dept. Of Communication and Psychology.
The editors are particularly interested in receiving high-quality original research articles, informed by robust empirical and theoretical underpinnings from the fields and disciplines related to problem-based learning in higher education, particularly pedagogy, but also articles based on fields and disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and science and engineering. The journal is also interested in receiving articles that make an original practical or critical contribution to research theory and practice and knowledge and understanding of contemporary themes, developments and current thinking in problem-based learning in higher education. Scope/Coverage:

  •     Principles and philosophy of PBL in Higher Education
  •     The pedagogy of PBL
  •     PBL and everyday practice
  •     PBL management and policy-making
  •     PBL and workplace cultures
  •     Critical PBL
  •     PBL, ICT and technology-enhanced learning
  •     PBL and networked learning
  •     PBL internships and cooperative education
  •     PBL and intercultural studies
  •     Interdisciplinarity and PBL
  •     PBL, creativity and creative processes

ISSN: 2246-0918


The library contains articles of Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education as of vol. 1(2013) to current.


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