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Madang is a Korean word for a Locus (Garden) and Kairos (Situation), where family, community and people meet to celebrate together feasts and rites of Life. The journal is intended to be a theological Madang.

Madang, the journal of Contextual of Theology in East Asia is published twice per year by South Korean progressive theologians. Madang journal seeks to provide high-quality research articles dealing with Minjung theology, feminist theology, human rights, peace, religious and ecological concerns in the context of globalisation. It will strive an interdisciplinary, interfaith, and intercultural journal. It will promote a new Asian theological construction in Asia. It will attempt to be global from Asia by linking Asian theological reflection with theological studies in Africa and Latin America.






The library contains all the articles of Madang from Jan 1, 2004 to Current .




Published by Sungkonghoe University Press, Seoul, Korea.


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