Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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Love et al. "Unitery of the church and human sexuality: Toward a faithful united Methodist witness" (book review)
As cartas de Tell el-Amarna: classificação
A theological inquiry into the doctrine of the sacrament of baptism and rebaptism in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.
The Rise of the Baptists in South Carolina: Origins, Revival, and their Enduring Legacy
70th anniversary greetings from the AME Church — World Council of Churches
An Evaluation of the MasterLife Christian Discipleship Program's Influence on the Disciple of Christ
The Correlation and Separation of Academic Theology and the Local Church
Lesseyton: A Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society Experiment in African Industrial and Theological Education
Reverend Linda Mandindi and the Quest for Black Methodist Consultation: Muted Voices Are Enabled to Speak
Anselm Prior OFM and the shift to the Lumko Model for the Church after Vatican II
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