Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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An investigation of Christians' attitudes on the practice of virginity testing as a means of preventing HIV infection with specific reference to Methodists members in Pietermaritzburg and Howick Circu...
Strategies to turn around decline in local churches : a case of an African Methodist Episcopal (AME) local church / M.A. Mahloko
Everything belongs to God : Christian stewardship
Methodists and Lynching: Racial Violence and The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1880-1930
Watching Over one another in Love: Methodist Superintendents and Oversight in the Church
Pastoral care with children in a context of HIV and AIDS : towards a contextual pastoral care model with unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs) from Zimbabwe in the Methodist Church Community Centre in J...
The challenges of youth unemployment to the Church in Ghana: response of the Methodist Church Kumasi Circuit and Church of God Patasi District
Spirituality, medical science and health : the spiritual effects of a sense of entitlement in the ministry of healing in the Christian Church
The response of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Methodist churches to HIV and AIDS in Manicaland, Zimbabwe (1985-2007)
The Free Methodist Church of Southern Africa and it's response to HIV and AIDS in Southern KwaZulu-Natal : postulating a reclamation of Wesleyan Healthcare Response from a gender perspective.
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