Global Ecumenical Mission Studies
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Mission as Process: Korean Missionaries’ Critical Christocentric-Trinitarian Approach to Missio Dei in their Reverse Missionary Endeavours in England
Unsettling: How Euro-whiteness was portrayed to Indigenous school children as superior to Indigeneity through the textual construction of the “Indian” in Missionary texts during the 1830s to 1845 in t...
“Contar a otros dónde hay pan”. Aspectos de una espiritualidad misionera
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Congregational Vertical File
A identidade missioneira na área dos Sete Povos das Missões Jesuítico-Guarani
Social responsibility of science
Purloined Subjects: Race, Gender, and the Legacies of Colonial Surveillance in the British Caribbean
A Romanian contribution to contemporary ecumenism : Father Ion Bria : 1929–2002
Ordnung - Keuschheit - Mission: Über religiöse Ideologie, Kulturkritik und sozialpädagogische Praxis evangelikaler Christen
1 2 3 . . . 4863