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Religion and Gender is the first refereed online international journal dedicated to the systematic study of gender and religion in an interdisciplinary perspective. The journal explores the relation, confrontation and intersection of gender and religion, taking into account the multiple and changing manifestations of religion in diverse social and cultural contexts. It analyses and reflects critically on gender in its interpretative and imaginative dimensions and as a fundamental principle of social ordering. It seeks to investigate gender at the intersection of feminist, sexuality, queer, masculinity and diversity studies.

As an academic journal, Religion and Gender aims to publish high level contributions from the humanities and from qualitative and conceptual studies in the social sciences. It wants to focus in particular on contemporary debates and topics of emerging interest. Albeit international in scope, the journal takes seriously that it is situated in contemporary Europe. It seeks to reflect on this position, particularly from postmodern, postcolonial, and post secular perspectives.


ISSN: 1878-5417



The library contains articles from Religion and Gender as of vol. 1(2011) to current.





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  • 宗教伦理
  • 社区伦理
    • 性别伦理

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  • 跨文化和语境神学
    • 性别与神学
  • 比较宗教和跨宗教对话
    • 宗教社会学