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SEDOS is a forum open to Institutes of Consecrated Life which commit themselves to deepening their understanding of global mission. SEDOS encourages research and disseminates information through its bulletin and website, public conferences, working groups and its annual seminar. SEDOS publishes the bi-monthly SEDOS Bulletin with articles in four languages. Editor: Peter Baekelmans, email:



The library contains articles of SEDOS Bulletin as of vol. 48 (2016) to current.


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  • 跨文化和语境神学
    • 传教学/宣教学
    • 跨文化神学
  • 基督教教派
    • 天主教
  • 比较宗教和跨宗教对话
    • 基督教-穆斯林
    • 宗教多元主义
    • 宗教神学
    • 宗教社会学
  • 全球教会历史和世界基督教
  • 一般神学/其他