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Since its inception in 1994, Theology & Sexuality has been the primary vehicle for those undertaking theological studies of sexuality and gender issues. It is an international, peer reviewed journal that also aims to be accessible to those with a non-professional interest in the field such as those engaged in counselling. The themes addressed by the journal include theological constructions of sex and gender, marriage, models of the family, deconstructive and reconstructive approaches to traditional Christian (and other traditions) teaching on sexuality, sexuality and violence and oppression, and the ethics of personal relationships.
The journal acknowledges the support of The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality whose members can opt to receive the journal as part of their annual membership. 

ISSN: 1355-8358 /E-ISSN:1745-5170


The library contains all the articles of Theology and Sexuality from no.6(1997)-no.16(2002); vol. 9(2002-03)- current, provided by Taylor & Francis.


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  • 全球伦理
  • 宗教伦理
    • 灵修与伦理
  • 伦理学方法
    • 神学伦理
    • 哲学伦理
  • 生命伦理
    • 性伦理
  • 社区伦理
    • 生活方式伦理
    • 家庭伦理
    • 性别伦理
    • 少数民族伦理

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  • 跨文化和语境神学
    • 跨文化神学
    • 性别与神学
    • 女权主义神学
  • 比较宗教和跨宗教对话
    • 宗教社会学
  • 应用神学和神学教育
    • 实践神学/应用神学