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  • 伦理与宗教之间的关系是什么
  • 为什么说伦理重要 
  • 如何能接触到对伦理感兴趣的宗教专家
  • 如何与企业宗教组织合作


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African Church Asset Programme launched in Zimbabwe

‘Mapping innovative Development and implementation of plans and strategies for an effective and sustainable management of the churches assets, especially land': This was the focus of a workshop...   读取更多 »


Please check out our latest journal titles on ethics, education, and/or religious studies, available for free!   读取更多 »


The Philosophical Ethics collection gathers resources about major themes in philosophical ethics (abbreviation φethics), with a list of some major philosophers' personal webpages, in...   读取更多 »

African Church Assets Programme ACAP in Rwanda East Africa has organised a one and half day African Church Assets Programme workshop in Rwanda. This training workshop will be held at the Protestant Institute of Arts and...   读取更多 »


Discourse on Confucian Entrepreneurs 2017 Prof.  Dr. Christoph Stückelberger, President of Foundation, Geneva and Dr. Jing LI, Programme Executive...   读取更多 »
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