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How to simple search combining three logical operators

How to use OR, AND, NOT in search

OR denotes a disjunction, AND a conjunction, NOT a negation. They can express different meanings: 
Logical operator Relations expressed
OR Enumeration
Restriction search is a powerful tool, as you can see searching all Theses, where you can combine OR, AND, NOT
Disjunction (OR): law OR legal can help to enumerate all results that have either law or legal in the metadata (in bold). See around 20'000 theses below:
Conjunction (AND): You could also search law AND legal if you prefer to restrict to all document that have law + legal in the metadata; 5'200 documents are found.
Negation (NOT): If you would like to see documents about law but without any reference to legal, then you might consider using the restriction NOT.
Finally: by adding brackets you could combine all theses three different operators and search for (law NOT legal) AND religious
results: 552 PhD theses on law from non legalistic perspective in all great world religions! (as of 29.04.2016)