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Globethics.net is a global network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics, especially through its leading global digital ethics library and facilitates collaborative web-based research, conferences, online publishing and information sharing.

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Unité divine (trinité) Worldwide Ethics News

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Selected by Globethics.net from 100'000 online news sources powered by Meltwater. The content of the news does not reflect Globethics.net viewpoints. Language folders contain different news.


Unité divine (trinité) Highlights

Launch of the 5th edition of the Ethics in Finance Robin Cosgrove Prize for 2014-2015

The ETHICS IN FINANCE - ROBIN COSGROVE PRIZE for 2014-2015 was launched in London on 10 October 2014 at ACCA Global. The global Prize aims to promote greater awareness of the importance of ethics in finance among young people with an interest in accountancy, banking and financial services. This is the fifth edition of the Prize, originally launched in 2006, well before the topic of "ethics in finance" became fashionable. The global financial crisis has since shown the relevance of the theme and the significance of the Prize. Read more...

Open Access helps bridge the "knowledge divide" between North and South

Open Access Week, a global event now entering its eighth year,and taking placed in 2014 from 20-26 October, aims to promote the benefits of Open Access to information and research, and to inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research. Read more...

Globethics.net Newsletter 08/2014

The September Newsletter is out! Highlights of this issue: Editorial by Globethics.net President /// Standpoint: Defeating ISIS with a Global Values Coalition /// New Journals in Spanish available in the Library /// 10 Years Jubilee of Globethics.net /// Growth in Globethics.net Regional Programmes

Standpoint: Defeating ISIS with a Global Values Coalition

The terrorism of the so called Islamic State ISIS is a crime against humanity. It needs decisive international action. The short term intervention by the international military coalition has to be accompanied by a long term strategy. Christoph Stückelberger, Founder and Executive Director of Globethics.net, calls for a religious-intellectual coalition, a work ethics coalition, an economic equality coalition, a good governance coalition and a global values coalition. Read more...

New Globethics.net Publication! "Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008-2014"

As the UN Climate Summit convenes today in New York, where more than 120 Heads of State are expected to attend. Religions and Faith communities from all continents have been engaged in Climate Justice for many years, and in this publication, nine international and interfaith statements from 2008 to September 2014 have been collected. Read more...

Our latest publication, "Innovation Ethics", has just been released!

Fourteen authors from four continents contribute their insights on ethical, value-driven innovation in this new book. It is the product of an experts' workshop on "The Ethical Innovator. Ethics of Innovation: Innovation of Ethics" that took place in Cotonou, Benin in August 2013, supported by the African Innovation Fund (AIF). Read more...

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Now available documents and videos of the 2014 Conference 'Equal in an Unequal World'
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