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Globethics.net is a global network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics, especially through its leading global digital ethics library and facilitates collaborative web-based research, conferences, online publishing and information sharing.


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Worldwide Ethics News

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Selected by Globethics.net from 100'000 online news sources powered by Meltwater. The content of the news does not reflect Globethics.net viewpoints. Language folders contain different news.



5th International Ethics Summit: Understanding Today, Inspiring Tomorrow

17 June 2015, Istanbul/Turkey The Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) , the host institution of Globethics.net Turkey is organising the 5 th International Ethics Summit...   Read More »

Doing Ethics in an Imperfect World: Instruments and Dilemmas in the United Nations System

Globethics.net warmly invites you to attend a public lecture being given by Ms Joan Dubinsky on ‘Doing Ethics in an Imperfect World: Instruments and Dilemmas in the United Nations...   Read More »

Globethics.net Newsletter, No3/2015 (March 2015)

Newsletter highlights: On becoming leaders, On-going global competition on responsible leadership, Nizami Ganjavi Ethics, activities in the Globethics regional programmes and much more...   Read More »

New Business Ethics Research and Application Center in Turkey

The Istanbul Bilgi University and Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) are going one-step further by founding the Business Ethics Research and Application Center Istanbul Bilgi...   Read More »

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Global Ethics Forum

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