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Implements ethical standards and structural changes

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Research on ethics, theology and philosophy categorised into series

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Newsletter - envelop

Newsletter No 7/2021 - A Garment You Cannot Take Off: On racism and how young people can teach us important ethical lessons

Racial profiling - this form of discriminatory decision-making of law enforcement agencies especially against adolescents and young men of African descent, subjected to identity checks,...

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Let's Talk about Ethics and the Academy Blue Table Webinars in Autumn 2021 Academic Dean on putting words on experiences around ethics and creating a space for ethical conversations. Join us and discover upcoming events in the Autumn 2021 semester!  

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Ethical Investment is what the Church needs urgently, Kenyan context who have great interest in ethical Investment in the world, contracted CORAT Africa, Kenya, to conduct an in country study on key project activities in order to implement the African Church Assets Programme fourth phase (ACAP IV).  

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22 September

Blue Table Webinars: Ethics and Ecology

Online  webinar
22 September 2021

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1 Sept

Globalance - Action for a Balanced World Post-COVID - Latin America

Online webinar
1 September 2021

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1 Sept

Call for Contributions: Walking with the Earth

Call for Contributions
30 August 2021

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