In the Spotlight: Lidia Sloutskovski

Lidia Sloutskovski is the Academic Office Manager, who started her service for the organisation in February 2021. The position has been newly created to reflect the organisational objective of becoming a higher education institution.   Read More »

Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics

Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics play an important role, particularly in the context of UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day, aiming to promote the best opportunities for reading and publishing.   Read More »

A Completely Different Planet: COVID-19 One Year On

“Looks like we are going back to a completely different planet.” These were the words of astronaut Jessica Meir as she prepared to leave the International Space Station after seven months in April 2020. The World Health Organization had declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March...   Read More »

Stories we need to tell: Studying during a Pandemic

Follow us on the journey of learning from and with students and read one of their reflective stories, ‘How our life has been changed by COVID-19’ narrated by Elizabeth Silayo, Doctoral student from Tanzania at the Augustana University in Germany.   Read More »

Poetical Excursus: Life Means Freedom and Choice

A poetic excerpt from 'Who Cares About Ethics' in celebration of World Poetry Day.   Read More »

Are Health Passports the future?

COVID19 has wreaked havoc, causing death and severe illness, disrupting educational systems, employment and our way of life. Globalisation has become so embedded within today's society; that the restriction of movement and travel has created huge polarisation. Many agree that there needs to...   Read More »

In objectifying the other all become victims - Ethics Education can change this

Three global events celebrated during this month of February refer to the themes of inclusion and education. The international Day for Women and Girls in Science is an event celebrated annually on 11 February by the United Nations to remind all...   Read More »

My story: Labo Nkuku

What is purpose? Many people search for the meaning of life. They want to know what life is about, why good things or bad things happen, why do we exist?   Read More »

Shaken not Stirred - Human Rights Day

Having worked and lived in and around Geneva, Switzerland since 1998, where international cooperation on an array of fields, including human rights, humanitarian aid, health and migration are in the air somehow, I grew alarmed early on in the...   Read More »

Ethics is about life and it matters

Ethics is about life. It is the study and discipline for rational beings to know the distinction between good and evil. Ethics is about doing the right thing, making the right choices, protecting the common good, promoting good behaviour and avoiding harm. Ethics...   Read More »
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