Code of Ethics

Globethics code of ethics1. Purpose

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to provide an ethical compass and behavioural standards to be respected by the various actors involved in the service of the Foundation. It is based upon the mission, vision, core values and principles. It is valid for all programmes and activities.

2. Scope

This Code of Ethics applies to all who serve around the world, including: employees, interns, volunteers, associates, Board of Foundation members,  senior advisors and advisory board members, mandate holders, consultants, Regional Programme directors and programme executives, National Contacts, and all other individuals under contractual obligations.  

3. Founding Conviction

We believe that dialogue, reflection and action on ethical values contribute to building sustainable, just and peaceful societies. We recognise the essential dignity of each person and the inherent value of non-human beings and ecosystems.

4. Vision, Mission and Values is a network of individual participants and institutions from all continents brought together by an interest in applied ethics.

We promote values-driven transformation for life and sustainable development through responsible leadership.

We seek to empower people from all over the world – with religious and non-religious perspectives – for ethical dialogue, reflection and action.

5. Implementing Our Core Values

  • We believe in respect. We affirm the dignity of every person and the diversity of cultures, religions, gender equality and life orientations. We commit to the ethical principles of mutual recognition, beneficence, and non-violence. As a first principle, we avoid doing harm.
  • We believe in sharing. We promote open communication among each other, open access to information and knowledge resources that we provide and the mutual sharing of global and contextual ethical concerns and perspectives.
  • We believe in responsibility and in personal freedom. We strive to make responsible decisions and take actions that reflect our core values in our private, professional and public lives.
  • We believe in integrity. We promote attitudes of honesty, openness, transparency and accountability, in order to build trust.
  • We believe in inclusion. We embrace diversity and promote cooperation, reconciliation, and collaboration.
  • We believe in justice, fairness and equality. 
  • We believe that ethical resolutions can best be realised when they are put into language (both verbal and non-verbal) and shared. Therefore we promote open communication and dialogue for mutual understanding as the basis for interaction, development and transformation, both of ourselves, of others and of the world. Furthermore, dialogue and disclosure foster good governance, creating a climate for positive relations, trust, transparency and responsibility to reach a common ground for achieving our mission and objectives. Actions that obstruct or prevent in any way a culture of open dialogue and shared communication, without legitimate reason, are in contradiction of this Code.

6. Our Engagement

We, to whom this Code applies, commit ourselves to uphold the values in this Code in our activities, our dealings with each other and with others outside of our organisation.

We agree to promote and foster trust, teamwork, mutuality and collaboration, objectivity, self-respect, respect, and human dignity. These values form the basis of our work culture, management systems and processes.

We do not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, improper gifts, facilitation payments or fraudulent practices of any kind. employees must not receive, offer, promise, give or authorise others to give anything of value, either directly or indirectly, to any party in order to gain personal advantage.

As an organisation, safeguards its reputation and ensures that it does not receive funds or gifts or procure services that are in contradiction to's vision, mission and values.

We, the Head Office staff, Board of Foundation members and Regional Programme staff as appropriate, complete and sign the Conflicts of Interest Declaration at the beginning of each year. We are obliged to declare any and all potential conflicts of interest resulting from activities, relations or mandates inside or outside of the organisation.

7. Binding Character of the Code and its Monitoring

We, to whom this Code applies, implement it as a rule of practice and commit ourselves to full disclosure. It is included in employees' employment contracts as an annex. New persons, to whom the Code is applicable, are informed about the Code by the Management. The Code is to be referred to in the planning and evaluation of activities and during staff evaluations with employees, both at Head Office and in the regions.

8. Sanctions in Case of Violation of the Code

When we have reason to believe that this Code of Ethics has been breached in any way we bring our concerns to the management of Breaches made by any of us to whom this Code applies will be subject to appropriate measures to be determined at the discretion of the management and if necessary by the Board of Foundation of Measures could include disciplinary proceedings, dismissal and reporting the behaviour to the relevant authorities. Disciplinary action may be taken not only against persons violating the Code, but also against any employees who consciously permit such a violation or who attempt to influence or penalise subordinates for communicating such violations.

Whistleblowers reporting on matters related to's activities are protected and no adverse action shall be taken against any person who, acting in good faith, brings forward such information. To report breaches of this Code of Ethics, please contact the Executive Director in the first instance, or the President, in the second instance, at - Head Office, 150, route de Ferney, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland. Telephone: +41 22 791 60 43, email: or

9. Changes to the Code and Validity

This Code will be reviewed and amended as needed. Modifications are subject to the approval of the Board of Foundation and are automatically binding. The Code of Ethics is publicly available.

This Code was approved by the Board of Foundation

on 25 March 2017 and came into effect as of that date.


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