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Addressing the need of integrating Ethics in Higher Education, in 2017, Globethics.net created the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. Its aim is to create a marketplace that enables and encourages interaction between the various consortium members generating a synergy that is beneficial to all involved.
The Globethics Consortium membership is open to higher education institutions and individuals related to an institution of higher education or interested in ethics in higher education.
As a Globethics Consortium member you will benefit from the services and tools developed with other university partners (articulation framework, blended learning, executive career planning, e-campus management, training resources, capacity building leading to certification and accreditation, etc.)
As an individual member you can also apply to be integrated into the Pool of Experts if you wish to provide services as an expert for other institutional members.
Members can offer or request services in training, research and publishing. Currently we offer two online courses through Globethics.net Academic and offline training:
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As a Globethics Consortium Member you will have discounts 

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Global pool of ethics experts

Divya Sigh Simon Robinson Obiora Ike
Diyva Singh Simon Robinson Obiora Ike 
South Africa UK Nigeria / Germany
Prof. Dr, Law, South Africa,
Stadio Holdings, former
Director of the Ethics Directorate Unisa
Prof. Dr, Professor of Ethics
at Leeds Beckett University
and Director of its Centre for
Leadership and Governance
Prof. Dr, Professor of Ethics
in Nigeria and Germany, development expert, Executive
Director of Globethics.net 
Heidi Hadsell Siti Syamsiyatun Christoph Stückelberger
USA Indonesia Switzerland
Prof. Dr, Professor of Ethics,
former President of Hartford
Seminary. Globethics.net
Senior Advisor 
Prof. Dr, Prof. of Islam, Director Consortium for Interreligious Studies, Yogaya. Board
Member of Globethics.net
Prof. Dr, Prof. of Global Ethics
in Switzerland, Nigeria, Russia,
China, President and Founder of Globethics.net 
Wantian Cui Chidiebere Onyia Nadia Balgobin
China Nigeria Switzerland / Mauritius
Prof. Dr, Professor of
Economics in Beijing, China,
entrepreneur, investor. Board
Member of Globethics.net
Prof. Dr, CEO of OrgLearning
Consult, Nigeria. Teacher and
trainer in Africa and USA 
Rer Pol, Expert in procurement, ethics management,
and anti-corruption
Alexander Ageev Anh Tho Andres Kammler Joan Dubinsky
Russia Vietnam / Switzerland USA
Prof. Dr, Professor of Strategic
Economics, Director of
Globethics.net Russia
DBA, Professor, Programme
Executive and QA Coordinator, Globethics.net
Dr iur., Professor of Business
Ethics. Former Director of
the Ethics Office of the United Nations in New York
Benoit Girardin Emmanuel Ansah  Ndidi Nwuneli
Switzerland Ghanna Nigeria
Dr. theol., Professor for Diplomacy and Ethics, former
Swiss Ambassador Africa
and Asia
Dr, Executive Director
Kingdom Equip Network,
convener, trainer and pastor
Founder LEAP Africa (Leadership), Partner Sahel Capital
Walter Fust Ryan Urbano Stephan Rothlin 
Switzerland Phillippines Switzerland
Dr. h.c., Ambassador, Former
Director General Swiss
Agency for Development
and Cooperation
Prof. Dr., Professor of Ethics,
and Chair Department of
Philosophy, University San
Prof. Dr, Professor and Consultant of Business Ethics in
China. Director Ricci Institute
Michael Hopkins Michel Guilmault Ikechukwu Ani
Kenya / Switzerland France Nigeria
Prof. Dr, President of MHC
International, Expert on CSR
and Sustainability
Director International
Development, universities in
France. Erasmus expert
Prof. Dr., Director Ethics
Directorate, Godfrey Okoye
University in Enugu, Nigeria